totalTRAC Plug-in Page

Note:  These plug-ins have been added to provide added functions needed by the Bristol Tennessee City School System.  These plug-ins are not part of the original totalTRAC application.  E-mail the Technology Center for questions regarding these features.




Open Orders Find all the outstanding orders by location.  You may sort by either the date the order was reported or by the person the order is assigned to.
Item History Enter a control number for an asset to get a listing of all the work orders submitted on it.  This feature may help pinpoint equipment prone to failure.
Simple Inventory List List entire inventory in columnar format.  Sort list by clicking column headings.

Inventory Breakdown

This report prints equipment lists by slot (staff name). It is intended to be used for inventory verification at the end of the year.  You must have Microsoft Word to view the document.
Asset Tally See a breakdown on equipment types listed by school.  Click on any particular category to see a detailed list.
IP Finder Enter a complete or partial IP address and find the owner.  Listing includes link to item history.
Problem Search Search the short and detailed problem description fields for a match.  Hopefully, this will allow you to see how the problem was resolved in the past. 


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